Basic Robert's Rules


Basic Roberts Rules Of Order

For reference during meetings


·        HANDLING MOTIONS Member says, “I move that….”. Another member seconds the motion, or chair asks, “is there a second?” Chair states motion and asks for discussion. Members enter into a debate. Make of motion has first right of floor. Debate only on merits of motion. Debate is closed when no members seek further discussion. Chair puts motion to vote. Chair announces results of vote.


o   The kind of meeting being held...regular, special, etc.

o   The name of organization •

o   Date, time and place of meeting •

o    Names of person running meeting •

o   Names of everyone in attendance. •

o   Approval of past meeting minutes with any corrections. •

o   Summaries of reports from officers. •

o    Exact final wording of all motions with names of movers and • seconders. • Results of all votes. •

o   Points of order raised and appeals made, with the chair’s ruling on each.

o   Announcements. •

o   The time of adjournment. •

o   The signature of the secretary or person who took minutes.

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