Minutes of the RCDA  Annual Meeting April 20, 2017 at Conference Center

Fort Trumbull


Board Members
    Reid Burdick, Nick Caplanson, Mark Christiansen, Jan Christiansen, Bill Cornish, Ed DeMuzzio,
    Paul Geraghty, David Goebel, Charles Hanley, Linda Mariani, Barbara Neff, Andy Russell, Gail Schwenker Mayer, Jerry       Sinnamon, David Topkin
    Peter Davis, Frank McLaughlin, Jenny Wronowski, Karl-Erik Sternlof
Other Members and Guests
    List attached

1)    President Mariani acknowledged a quorum and called the meeting to order at 5:33.
2)    Secretary Russell presented the slate of new members (list attached) and moved their acceptance, second Mark Christinsen. Unanimous.
3)    Secretary Russell moved the election of Board of Directors (slate attached), second Gail Schwenker Mayer. Unanimous
4)    Mark Christiansen moved to convene a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors, second Steve Percy. Unanimous
5)    Secretary Russell moved the slate of officers (attached), second Mark Christiansen. Unanimous
6)    Andy Russell moved the slate of directors for the class of 2020 (slate attached), second Steve Percy. Unanimous.
7)    Mark Christiansen moved to close the Special Meeting of the Board of Directors, second Ed DeMuzzio. Unanimous
8)    Financial Report – Treasurer Gail Schwenker Mayer

a)     Report attached
9)    Bylaws revision – Jerry Sinnamon

a)    David Topkin moved that the one year requirement to be elected to the board could be waived if two thirds of the members of the board approved the waiver. Second by Mark Christiansen. By a show of hands the motion was defeated.

b)    Jerry Sinnamon moved the recommendation of the Board of Directors to accept the proposed changes, second Chap Hanley. Unanimous
10) Presentation of Projects- Peter Davis

a)     President received $5,000 sponsorship check from Dime Bank.

b)    Mr. Davis recognized Mariani, Reck and Lane also as a $5,000 Sponsor

c)     Jayesh Patel presented a signed copy of the development agreement for a hotel on Parcel One. President Mariani counter signed.

d)    A Power point presentation of the progress being made on Parcels 5C 1and2 by New London County Realty and Parcel 4A with Aqua Farms and Parcel J by AR Builders was displayed.
11) Motion to adjourn by Andy Russell, second by Nick Caplanson at 6:??
12) Next Meeting

a)       Executive Committee at 7:30 on May 19, 2017.

Respectfully submitted
Frank McLaughlin
Assistant Executive Director


Minutes of April 20 2017 Board Meeting

Board Members
    Reid Burdick, Nick Caplanson, Mark Christiansen, Jan Christiansen, Bill Cornish, Ed DeMuzzio,
    Paul Geraghty, David Goebel, Charles Hanley, Barbara Neff, Andy Russell, Gail Schwenker Mayer, Jerry Sinnamon, David Topkin
    Peter Davis, Frank McLaughlin, Jenny Wronowski, Karl Erik Sternlof

1)    President Mariani acknowledged a quorum and called the meeting to order at 4:40 PM

2)    Minutes of meeting of March 17

a)     Moved for acceptance, Mark Christiansen, 2nd Jerry Sinnamon. Unanimous.

3)    Financial Report –

a)     Will be reported at Annual Meeting

4)    President’s Report –

a)     Will Be reported at Annual Meeting


5)    Executive Director’s Report – Peter Davis

a)     Will Be reported at Annual Meeting


6)    Real Estate Committee – Paul Geraghty

a)     Will Be reported at Annual Meeting


7)    Assistant Director’s Report – Frank McLaughlin

a)     LRSH

i)      We have received an offer from Drop-in Learning Center

(1)   We are waiting for a letter from their bank to confirm their ability to obtain 100% financing.

ii)     We may be receiving another offer from SCRRRA.

b)    Martin Center

i)      Nothing new to report.

c)     Web site

i)      The site is more active than we anticipated. We will be investing a little more money and time to take full advantage and to support our sponsors.

d)    Sponsorship program

i)      We will be devoting considerable time and energy to obtaining them.

e)    Requests from other organizations to RCDA for funding.

i)      Brigaid/ Dan Giusti request

ii)     Main Street Request

iii)    Moved by Reid Burdick, 2nd by Mark Christiansen that no charitable contributions will be made since we are, in fact, a non-profit.  Unanimous.

iv)    McLaughlin will share such requests with membership so that, if they want, they can contribute privately.

8)    Marketing Committee – Mark Christiansen

i)      Will report at Annual meeting.

9)    Bylaws revision – Jerry Sinnamon

i)      Jerry Sinnamon reviewed changes that were proposed by the bylaws committee.

ii)     Jerry Sinnamon moved that the changes in the bylaws be recommended for approval to the members at the annual meeting. 2nd by Mark Christiansen.  Unanimous

10) Attorney Karl-Erik Sternlof

a)     Status of Litigation (Riverbank vs RCDA):

i)      RCDA’s motion to dissolve the lis pendens filed as a lien against the MDP parcels at issue was heard by the Superior Court in late February and we are waiting for the Judge’s written opinion. We are filing additional motions in preparation for the filing of a motion for summary judgment.

b)    Status of MOA with City:

i)      RCDA has circulated drafts of additional Addenda to the 2016 Memorandum of Agreement with the City relative to calendar year 2017 funding and is in communication with City, theMayor’s office and the City law department regarding funding arrangements through June 30, 2017 and for the municipal fiscal year of 2017-2018.

11) Next Meeting

a)     Annual Meeting today at 5:30 PM here.

Mark Christiansen moved to adjourn at 4:53PM.  Jerry Sinnamon second.



Executive Committee of the RCDA Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting at 7:30 AM, March 17, 2017

There being a quorum the Meeting was called to order at 7:33 AM by First Vice-President Mark Christiansen standing in for President Linda Mariani who is traveling.

Roll was called and guests were introduced and recognized.

Board Members
    Reid Burdick, Marty Berliner, Nick Caplanson, Mark Christiansen, Bill Cornish, Dave Crocker, Chap Hanley, Barbara Neff, Andy Russell, Gail Schwenker-Mayer, Jerry Sinnamon, David Topkin,
     Marty Olsen
    Peter Davis, Frank McLaughlin, Karl-Erik Sternlof
Liaisons and Guests
     Tammy Daugherty (ODP), Mayor Michael Passero

The minutes of the Feb 17, 2017 meeting were presented with motion made to accept by Reid Burdick, second Jerry Sinnamon. Corrections to be made:

·         Need names of attendees

                AED McLaughlin said he can reconstruct

·         Motion to approve minutes of previous meeting made by Reid Burdick, secondJerry Sinnamon; Unanimous

·         Motion to adjourn by acclimation

1)     Financial Report – GailSchwenker-Mayer

a)     Report attached.

2)     President’s Report –

1)     First VP Christiansen called on Second Vice President Jerry Sinnamon to report on the activity of the Bylaws revision committee.

2)     The committee is drafting the following changes which will be submitted to the Board for comment prior to being presented to the Board for approval at the meeting on April 20th.

i)      Language updated to present tense.

ii)     Coincide the RCDA fiscal year with that of the city.

iii)    To be considered for the Board a candidate must be a member in good standing of RCDA for one year.

iv)    Incorporate/describe Board responsibilities

3)     Executive Director’s Report – Peter Davis

a)     Attached

b)    In addition, we plan to contact DEEP and Commissioner Klee to review the master plan for Fort Trumbull and have the limit on number of housing units removed or increased.

c)     In the absence of the Real Estate Committee Chairman Mr. Davis discussed:

i)      Aquafarms proposal

(1)   The Real Estate Committee approved taking further steps towards a letter of agreement. By acclimation the Executive Committee authorized staff to proceed.

ii)     Hotel proposed for parcel one

(1)   If developer is ready to proceed towards a commitment to negotiate and Preferred Developer designation the matter will be placed on the April Board meeting for consideration.


4)     Assistant Director’s Report – Frank McLaughlin

a)     Resolution Authorizing Credit Card. Second VP Jerry Sinnamon moved for approval and that the $500 limit be increased to $1,000 ; Gail Schwenker-Mayer second. Unanimous except that Assistant Treasurer Nick Caplanson recused himself because he is President of Dime Bank which will be the credit card provider.

b)     Web site has more activity than we anticipated. We will provide a monthly traffic report.

c)     Sponsorship program is on hold until we have the Annual meeting organized.

d)     Harbor Management Plan RFQ received and quote is affordable. Staff will meet with Ct. Port Authority to secure funding then proceed with the New London Port Authority to work on drafting the plan .

e)     See report to City Council, Attached.

5)     Attorney Karl-Erik Sternlof

a)     Status of Litigation (Riverbank vs RCDA)

i)      At a recent hearing our attorneys moved to lift the Lis Pendens placed by Riverbank. Judge said she would provide a written decision. Chances of having it lifted are limited.  Counsel will provide a memo to board after decision.

b)     Status of MOA with City.

i)      Draft revision is being circulated dealing with 6 month transition period.

c)     Regarding agreement with New London County Realty on Parcels 5 C 1& 2 comments from NLCRE to be resolved; they need to have their council move toward finalization.

d)     Parcel J draft agreement has been prepared only a couple of business issues remain but no deal breakers.


6)     Other Business

a)     ODP Director Tammy Daugherty reported that she would be meeting with Art Costa regarding the AquaFarms Proposal. Mark Christiansen requested that a report come back to RCDA.

b)     Ms Daugherty also reported that she is waiting for the outcome of a study to provide metered parking and bicycle lanes on the Howard Street corridor.


7)     Next Meeting

a)     Board meeting on Thursday April 20 at 4:30PM followed by Annual Meeting at 5:30 PM at Fort Trumbull Conference Center.

8)     Adjournment, by acclamation



February 2017


·         RCDA

1)      Parcels 5C 1-2;  RCDA Counsel and the Executive Director completed and delivered a draft Development Agreement to New London County Realty, LLC the first week of February. We are currently working through the draft with NLCR with a target date of consensus in early March.    

Environmental Remediation;  Due to weather, work has ceased. 

LOMA;  Staff will be requesting authorization from the Executive Board to submit a Letter of Map Amendment to FEMA. The purpose of the application is to facilitate a modification of the current 100 year floodplain elevation. As a result of remediation requirements,  fill placement will remove areas of the parcel from the 100 year floodplain.   This is very similar to what occurred on parcels that were subject to remediation in the Fort. All costs of the work associated with the application are being borne by the potential developer.

L&M Parcel;  L&M and Yale Hospital are still in favor of negotiating the parcel swap with RCDA. Representatives of New London County Realty, LLC have advised us that they have met with L&M staff and discussed a preliminary plan to advance the land swap. The current draft Development Agreement addresses a method of facilitating the land swap between the parties and is under negotiation.        

2)      Parcel 4A;   Phase I Environmental Reports from GEI have been forwarded to the City. GEI has notified RCDA staff that they will resume testing as soon as the weather permits. We have entered in to discussions with a possible developer and forwarded sample RCDA documents at their request. They requested permission to have their engineering firm visit the property last week. We are not at liberty to discuss the potential development at this time, but will provide an update as soon as we are able.   

     3)      Parcel 1;  Discussions with the potential hotel developer have been very positive. A meeting with the City Assessor to discuss taxation issues went very well. Details are yet to be worked out, but the overall impression is that the City welcomes the opportunity to work towards asatisfactory resolution. RCDA staff facilitated a meeting with the hotel developer and a representative from EB. EB expressed the current and growing need for appropriate meeting and conference space. The Patel’s were very encouraged by what they heard. We are in the process of scheduling a similar meeting with representatives from Yale/L&M.

4)      Website/Marketing/Logo:   The Marketing Committee has been working on a program to promote our organization as well as the City. The Chair will further report out on this item. 

6)    Zoning Map & Zoning Text Amendment Applications:  RCDA staff will appear at the P&Z  Hearings this evening. 

                  1)      Parcel J, Shaw’s Cove;  RCDA staff met with the developer on February 11th. A draft contract is being prepared for distribution/review.  

2)      Little Red School House; Ned Hammond was recently contacted by an interested party. The property will be shown through our Broker.  

3)      Martin Center; No recent activity                

4)      Harbor Management Plan;  An RFP/RFQ  for the creation of the plan has been forwarded to a targeted mailing list which was created in cooperation with the State Port Authority. The response date for submissions is March 16.

5)      Plan of Conservation and Development;  RCDA staff continues to provide technical support to ODP staff and P&Z. 

Assistant Directors Report, February  2017

Clinical Day Care (Little Red School House)

Inquires continue but no written offers. Most Recently SCARRA the regional waste management authority which leases office in Gales Ferry wants to purchase a permanent facility. They are a nonprofit Authority so structuring a deal to our financial benefit will be a challenge.

Hindering a sale is the perceived high asking price (200K) and high taxes 9(K) Most prospects see a great deal of work to reconfigure the space to their needs. We see no reason to adjust the price now until we know what a potential buyer’s needs are.

Martin Center

Several established, knowledgeable developers have thoroughly investigated the Center with their development teams and declared no interest without major support from the city in the form of an extremely low purchase price and tax abatements well into the future.

The city’s executive team is looking in to other options for the center.

www.RCDA.CO or www.DiscoverNewLondon.com

We have discovered that our site is getting more viewers than anticipated (about 3,000 page views per month) and therefore we should up our game. We use a service called SquareSpace. For $12.00 a month we get 20 pages which we’ve maxed out. To support the developments that will be coming on line and other activities we will need more pages . For $18.00 per month we can get unlimited pages. I recommend doing this. Also, since their payment system is credit card based I recommend we open a company credit card since we often charge items at Staples and other suppliers. I urge you to look at the web site and give me any ideas or recommendations to improve or expand the site.





Minutes of January 13 Executive

Committee Meeting

Executive Committee
    Linda Mariani, President
    Mark Christiansen, 1st Vice President
    Andrew Russell, Secretary
    Jerry Sinnamon, 2nd Vice President
    Gail Schwenker–Mayer, Treasure
    Nicholas Caplanson, Deputy Tres.      
Board of Directors
    Martin Berliner
    Bill Cornish  
    David Crocker
    Chap Hanley  
    Barbara Neff
    Reid Burdick
    Michael Passero, Mayor, City of New London             
RCDAStaff and Consultants
    Peter Davis, Executive Director
    Frank McLaughlin, Assistant Executive Director
    Jenny Wronowski. Fiscal/Project Manager
    Hugh Schnip

Members andGuests
    Cheryl Schwartz
    Jeff Davis

1) There being a quorum the meeting was called to order at 7:33 AM
2) Approval of Minutes of meeting of December 15, 2016
a) Moved by Jerry Sinnamon, 2nd by Nick Caplanson; Unanimous
3) Financial Report - Gail Schwenker Mayer
a) Ms. Schwenker Mayer reported that year end reconciliations have not been completed, so we don't have the hard number yet.
b) Here are a few highlights -  Good news
i) 2016 finished under budget.
ii) The State/DECD approved our request to use $50,000 of project funds for 2017 Operating expenses. A revised budget has been sent to them and acknowledged. The official budget should be forthcoming and we will follow with a requisition of the funds.
iii) The outstanding 2016 MOU funds from the City of New London arrived at the end of December.
c) We signed a commitment letter for the 2016 audit with Doherty, Beals and Banks CPA and hopefully will be more timely getting this started and completed, goal is by end of March.
4) President’s Report – Linda Mariani
a) L&M land swap and zone map amendment application;
i) Land Swap; L& M is still favorable to the land swap, potentially as part of the development agreement with Tagliatelle’sfor 5C 1&2 . We did however clarify that RCDA was still the contact point for any discussions/negotiations now.  
ii) Zone Map Amendment application; We met with and conducted a conference call with L&M and Yale Hospital officials on January 3rd.  We were successful in obtaining written support from both entities for a zone map amendment application. RCDA staff submitted the map amendment as well as a text amendment application on January 6th to the City.  The public hearing is scheduled for February 16th @ 7:00 P.M. at City Hall in Council Chambers.  Executive Director Davis will report out on the details of the applications as part of his report.
b) Design Review Committee; In light of the fact that we have two potential developments on the horizon, we need to re-establish the Design Review Committee. In accordance with our by-laws the committee makeup is required to be as follows:  An RCDA Board Member, an RCDA staff member, a City Council member, a City staff member and a local architect retained by RCDA. Council President Nolan has already been contacted relative to a Council member to be appointed and ODP will be contacted to designate a City employee. I believe that we already have an architect on retainer, but will confirm.   Suggestion for a Board member is Dave Crocker.
c) By-Laws Committee; The Committee has been formed and consists of  myself, Jerry Sinnamon and Paul Geraghty.  I’m designating Jerry Sinnamon as Chair. Any by-laws that members feel should be reviewed…forward tostaff to include on agenda.
d) Quinn & Hary contract renewal; The Marketing Committee has informed Quinn & Hary that they would like to explore creating a PR Campaign for 2017.  To date, we have not had a response to this request. We are currently on a month-to-month contract (terminating this month), with a 90 day notice to terminate clause.  This ties us to Quinn & Hary through April. Accordingly, staff is recommending that we send the required Notice to Terminate this month. If we decide to proceed with them for a PR Campaign, we can negotiate a contract specific to those services. 
A. Staff unused vacation:  Per section 3c of our employment contract which allows for the transfer unused vacation time from to 2016 to 2017 may be accumulated with the consent of the corporation. Moved by Bill Cornish second Mark Christiansen; Unanimous
B. Nominations to Board at the Annual Meeting in April
A. Prospects
(1) Barry Neistat
(2) John Johnson
(3) Jeff Davis
5) Executive Director’s Report – Peter Davis
a) Attached hereto.
6) Assistant Director’s Report – Frank McLaughlin
a) New London Port Authority
i) Waiting for Bonding Authority and funding from CT Port Authority(CAP) to publish an RFP to firms that prepare Harbor Management Plans.
b) LRSH/Critical Day Care
c) “tire kickers” but no written offers.
i) Waiting to hear from the city’s Public Works Department to determine if they can use the space.
d) Martin Center
i) Several established developers have looked at the property and concluded that it is not possible/practical to redevelop profitably.
e) Logo on Building and Web site
i) The new logo
ii)  Will be placed on the front of the building and throughout the web site. Further “branding” will be undertaken by the marketing committee.
7) Marketing Committee – Mark Christiansen
a) Status of Q&H and plans going forward are under review. See other comments in these minutes.
8) Next Meeting: The full Board on Thursday February 16 at 5:30 PM at RCDA Building.
9) Adjournment at 8:12 moved by Mark Christiansen, second Dave Crocker

 Next Meeting: The full Board on Thursday February 16 at 5:30 PM at RCDA Building.


November 2016



1) Parcels 5C 1-2;  RCDA Counsel and the Executive Director are working with New London County Realty, LLC towards the completion of a draft development agreement. We expect that the document will be executed within 30 days.   

Environmental Remediation;  Site work was initiated on October 18th and the contractor has been working diligently. The required work within the area of the tidal ditch is complete as well as the access road. The weather was favorable through December, so the contractor has completed a portion of the “landfill” closure work. We met with the contractor, DEEP staff and our Environmental Consultant in early December and discussed the process to submit an “Environmental Engineering Variance” application,  in order to modify the remediation plan to accommodate residential uses. GEI and the contractor have initiated that process and we expect approval before spring. Multiple site inspections have been conducted. Our Environmental Consultant (GEI)and DEEP are very pleased with the work to date.
2) L&M Parcel;  L&M and Yale Hospital are still in favor of negotiating the parcel swap with RCDA. Representatives of New London County Realty, LLC have advised us that they have met with L&M staff and discussed a preliminary plan to advance the land swap. As the parties move towards a draft development agreement, this matter will be incorporated in our discussions/negotiations.        

3) Parcel 4A;   Environmental Reports from GEI have been forwarded to the City. The City has informed us that there are still limited discussions with the owner of the light manufacturing business that may be interested in a portion of this parcel. 

4) Parcel 1;  The potential hotel developer has submitted a “Statement of Interest” and formally presented to the Real Estate Committee. The Real Estate Committee charged staff and Counsel to discuss preliminary issues identified during the presentation. A meeting with the Mayor and other city staff was held on January 4th to discuss potential tax abatement programs that may assist in facilitating the project. The Mayor has instructed City staff and Counsel to meet with the Assessor about options and report back to the group.  RCDA staff is in the process of scheduling meetings with other community partners such as EB, Yale & L&MHospital and the Executive Director of the State Port Authority for conversations about future plans. This information will be valuable to the potential developer relative to his marketing and feasibility analysis. 

5) Website/Marketing/Logo:   The Marketing Committee was successful in completing the process to create a new logo.

6)    Zoning Map & Zoning Text Amendment Applications:  RCDA has submitted applications for         
       zoning map and text amendments to the City for Parcel J, Parcels 5C 1&2, the L&M parcels   
on Howard Street and privately owned parcels on Hamilton & Shaw Streets.  It is noted, that the City is a party to the application and all private property owners have provided letters of support. An explanation of the purpose and content of the applications is attached to this report. 
 7)   New London Seafood: New London Seafood has been occupying a portion of Parcel 1 for several years, under a month-to-month “License to    Occupy”. The original terms of   the agreement stipulated a monthly fee of $800, of which only 50% ($400 per month) was paid. The matter   has been discussed with Counsel and President Mariani and staff has recommended, that New London Seafood be notified that the “License   to Occupy” is now subject to re-negotiation, including the monthly fee. An update will be presented at the next Executive Committee    meeting.     

I, Andy Russell, Secretary of the Renaissance City Development Association, do hereby certify the above resolution was adopted at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Renaissance City Development Association held on May 25, 2016 and that the said resolution is contained in the minutes of said meeting on file in the RCDA office at 216 Howard Street, New London, Connecticut, and that it has not been modified nor rescinded whatsoever.


_______________________    ___________________
Andy Russell       Date

New London’s Development Corporation