Mary Baker

Wish a developer would propose “luxury” condos or even a continuing care community there. But isn’t there a restriction — a fairly modest number of housing/hotel units allowed there due to limited access to the peninsula? Is there any chance that a vehicular bridge, parallel to RR bridge could be built linking Water Street to peninsula?

John W. Sheehan

Sounds like one of the original proposals for the Fort Trumbull area. I hope it has better success than the previous proposal.

Brian brother

Perfect compliment to recent new housing announcement. Again, Great Job!, RCDA and folks from the City. The loss of the Lighthouse Inn left a big void. Perhaps this venture can be a ‘go to’ outdoor wedding venue, entertainment center, etc. Sounds like jobs too!! Great, great news. Let’s hope all sides find common ground to seal the deal.

Kim Carrigan

So promising, hope this all happens!

Karen Hansen

YES, YES, and YES on this hotel proposal!!!

William Morse

More good news. Thank-you to all involved.

Evan Andriopoulos

Omg this would be awesome

Thomas M Moriarty

Hope springs eternal. Maybe this project will be the start of something good for NL.