March 22, 2019




 The Renaissance City Development Association (RCDA) and the City of New London are soliciting bids from qualified demolition contractors for the environmental abatement and demolition of a prior multi-family residential complex known as the THAMES RIVER APARTMENT COMPLEX located on Crystal Avenue.  


The subject property is approximately twelve (12) acres in area and is located on Crystal Avenue. Further described as Map F09, Block 246 and Lot 1.   There are three (3) multi-story masonry high-rise structures occupying the site, as well as a small masonry/frame accessory structure.


 The subject property was formerly occupied by the Thames River Apartment complex, under the ownership and management of the New London Housing Authority. The New London Housing Authority has completed the relocation of 360 residents under a federal HUD Housing Voucher Program. The buildings are vacant and owned by the City of New London. RCDA will act as the City of New London’s agent and is charged with managing the process of securing a qualified demolition contractor.


 The City of New London has possession of environmental assessment documents, completed as part of the federal “Finding of No Significant Impact” (FONSI) environmental review required in the HUD property disposition process. The subject property has been  determined to not be an Establishment and is not subject to the State of Connecticut Transfer Act.   The FONSI determined that there will be no significant environmental or other impacts associated with the disposition or demolition of the structures/property.

 Electronic copies of the Environmental Reports are available upon request from RCDA. Email either  or  and the information will be provided in a timely manner.


 ·       The City of New London will require that all areas, disturbed as part of the project, must be rough graded and hydro-seeded. The subject work must be approved by the City’s Director of Public Works.

·       Contractor will be responsible for site security, appropriate fencing and controlling access and egress to the site.

·       Contractor will be responsible for all required environmental and site control structures and equipment to protect adjacent natural resource systems and City infrastructure. Including such things as siltation fence, surface stormwater systems, dust control and anti-tracking devises.

·       Contractor shall be responsible for securing all necessary permits and approvals from City and/or State agencies.


The City of New London has not determined if the following items will be included within the scope of the project. Accordingly, the following should be submitted as separate alternative bids:

·       Demolition and removal of basement walls. Note: If basement walls/masonry are permitted to be used as “clean fill” within basement areas, bids should reflect same.

·       Demolition and removal of slabs and walkways.


RCDA staff and designated representatives of the City of New London’s Office of Development & Planning will comprise the Project Team. The Project Team will review and select responding firms for interviews based on the following criteria:

·      Previous experience in environmental abatement and demolition of structures such as those present on the site;

·      Engineering and site planning capabilities;

·      Bios and experience of key employees/partners;

·      Financial capability;

·      Ability to meet the City of New London’s insurance requirements; and

·      Local & Minority business hiring practices.


Sealed responses, clearly marked, “Crystal Avenue Demolition”, must be filed with RCDA at its offices located at 216 Howard Street, New London, CT 06320, to the attention of Peter W. Davis, Executive Director, no later than 2:00 P.M. April 22, 2019. A minimum of six (6) copies should be provided. RCDA staff will open and log the submissions, which will then be distributed to the Project Team for review. Qualified respondents will be invited to make a presentation to the Project Team at a date to be determined.

RCDA, the Project Team and the City of New London expressly reserve the right to reject any-and- all submissions.

Peter W. Davis
Executive Director, RCDA