Executive Committee of the RCDA Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting at 7:30 AM, March 17, 2017

There being a quorum the Meeting was called to order at 7:33 AM by First Vice-President Mark Christiansen standing in for President Linda Mariani who is traveling.

Roll was called and guests were introduced and recognized.

Board Members
    Reid Burdick, Marty Berliner, Nick Caplanson, Mark Christiansen, Bill Cornish, Dave Crocker, Chap Hanley, Barbara Neff, Andy Russell, Gail Schwenker-Mayer, Jerry Sinnamon, David Topkin,
     Marty Olsen
    Peter Davis, Frank McLaughlin, Karl-Erik Sternlof
Liaisons and Guests
     Tammy Daugherty (ODP), Mayor Michael Passero

The minutes of the Feb 17, 2017 meeting were presented with motion made to accept by Reid Burdick, second Jerry Sinnamon. Corrections to be made:

·         Need names of attendees

                AED McLaughlin said he can reconstruct

·         Motion to approve minutes of previous meeting made by Reid Burdick, secondJerry Sinnamon; Unanimous

·         Motion to adjourn by acclimation

1)     Financial Report – GailSchwenker-Mayer

a)     Report attached.

2)     President’s Report –

1)     First VP Christiansen called on Second Vice President Jerry Sinnamon to report on the activity of the Bylaws revision committee.

2)     The committee is drafting the following changes which will be submitted to the Board for comment prior to being presented to the Board for approval at the meeting on April 20th.

i)      Language updated to present tense.

ii)     Coincide the RCDA fiscal year with that of the city.

iii)    To be considered for the Board a candidate must be a member in good standing of RCDA for one year.

iv)    Incorporate/describe Board responsibilities

3)     Executive Director’s Report – Peter Davis

a)     Attached

b)    In addition, we plan to contact DEEP and Commissioner Klee to review the master plan for Fort Trumbull and have the limit on number of housing units removed or increased.

c)     In the absence of the Real Estate Committee Chairman Mr. Davis discussed:

i)      Aquafarms proposal

(1)   The Real Estate Committee approved taking further steps towards a letter of agreement. By acclimation the Executive Committee authorized staff to proceed.

ii)     Hotel proposed for parcel one

(1)   If developer is ready to proceed towards a commitment to negotiate and Preferred Developer designation the matter will be placed on the April Board meeting for consideration.


4)     Assistant Director’s Report – Frank McLaughlin

a)     Resolution Authorizing Credit Card. Second VP Jerry Sinnamon moved for approval and that the $500 limit be increased to $1,000 ; Gail Schwenker-Mayer second. Unanimous except that Assistant Treasurer Nick Caplanson recused himself because he is President of Dime Bank which will be the credit card provider.

b)     Web site has more activity than we anticipated. We will provide a monthly traffic report.

c)     Sponsorship program is on hold until we have the Annual meeting organized.

d)     Harbor Management Plan RFQ received and quote is affordable. Staff will meet with Ct. Port Authority to secure funding then proceed with the New London Port Authority to work on drafting the plan .

e)     See report to City Council, Attached.

5)     Attorney Karl-Erik Sternlof

a)     Status of Litigation (Riverbank vs RCDA)

i)      At a recent hearing our attorneys moved to lift the Lis Pendens placed by Riverbank. Judge said she would provide a written decision. Chances of having it lifted are limited.  Counsel will provide a memo to board after decision.

b)     Status of MOA with City.

i)      Draft revision is being circulated dealing with 6 month transition period.

c)     Regarding agreement with New London County Realty on Parcels 5 C 1& 2 comments from NLCRE to be resolved; they need to have their council move toward finalization.

d)     Parcel J draft agreement has been prepared only a couple of business issues remain but no deal breakers.


6)     Other Business

a)     ODP Director Tammy Daugherty reported that she would be meeting with Art Costa regarding the AquaFarms Proposal. Mark Christiansen requested that a report come back to RCDA.

b)     Ms Daugherty also reported that she is waiting for the outcome of a study to provide metered parking and bicycle lanes on the Howard Street corridor.


7)     Next Meeting

a)     Board meeting on Thursday April 20 at 4:30PM followed by Annual Meeting at 5:30 PM at Fort Trumbull Conference Center.

8)     Adjournment, by acclamation

Video of our progress at 5C

This is an aerial view of the remediation that is taking place on parcels 5C 1 and 2 in anticipation of the development of residential units.

The work on the tidal ditch is complete. Next we see the excavator loading fill onto dump trucks to be moved to the area that is then  being capped with 2 feet on clean fill.

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