Fort Trumbull, South View, 2008

Fort Trumbull, South View, 2008

The RCDA welcomes developer inquiries for the following proposed development projects at Fort Trumbull:

Hotel – Up to 250 rooms/suites (could be in multiple buildings); time share suites would count as part of this 250 room total.  Recommended location Parcel 1.  This hotel is expected to serve business and tourism markets.  The complex would be expected to include a waterside restaurant and some meeting/event space.

Residential – Up to 104 units on Parcels 2A/B/C and 3B (approximately 6.5 acres of former NUWC land).

Office / R&D use – Up to 140,000 sq. ft. additional in the Fort area (Parcels 3A, 3C); up to 70,000 sq. ft. additional on Howard Street (Parcels 5C-1/2)

Mixed-use (non residential) Development – Parcel 4A.  This parcel is expected to accommodate a mix of uses, including the possibility of boutique office and lodging space, parking and a destination restaurant.

For additional information on developer opportunities, please contact Peter Davis at or Frank McLaughlin at