Executive Committee


Linda Mariani, Partner
Mariani, Reck, Lane LLC, Attorneys at Law


1st Vice President

Mark Christiansen
Vice President, New London Business
Past Chairman, New London Planning & Zoning


2nd Vice President

Jerold Sinnamon
Senior Associate / Owner, Be On Purpose



Andrew Russell
Vice President & General Manager
Hall Communications Radio Stations


Assistant Secretary

Paul Geraghty
Partner, Geraghty & Bonnano, LLC Attorneys at Law



Gail Schwenker-Mayer


Assistant Treasurer

Nicholas Caplanson
President and CEO, Dime Bank

Board Members:

Martin Berliner
Reid B. Burdick

Jan Christiansen
William M. Cornish
David Crocker
David Goebel
Charles "Chap" Hanley
David Topkin

The Board of Directors meets monthly to plan and oversee the remediation and development of the Fort Trumbull area. The Board is comprised of local business and community leaders who are committed to our City, many of whom are life-long and multi-generational residents.