Press Release: Optimus submits Unsolicited Offer:

(Click here to see comments published in Day Newspaper May 18)

Optimus  has submitted an Unsolicited Proposal to the Renaissance City Development Association (RCDA) for the development of a portion of Parcel 1 in the New London the ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Fort Trumbull District. The concept plan consists of a waterfront Hotel and Conference Center and associated amenities.

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Key Facts about Optimus and the Project: 

We are dedicated to working with the Renaissance City Development Association (RCDA) and the City of New London to continue the creation and advancement of a comprehensive, cohesive vision for the Fort Trumbull Peninsula. 

-          Create a unique Hotel & Conference Center consistent with elements contained in the “2011 Fort Trumbull Vision” study prepared by Yale University 

-          Proposed use will focus on a 200 +/- room Hotel & Conference Center which will contain four stories over a drive-under parking level 

-          Visitors will enjoy views of the Thames River from their rooms and extended stay units will be provided to service the proven local demand from the business community 

-          Provide appropriate amenities including a swimming pool, fitness center, variable-size banquet and function spaces, and a public restaurant- all of which look out over the river and open onto an extensive outdoor patio and landscaped area with gathering nodes,  fire pits, and pathways down to the River Walk along the Thames. Those flexible size in/out multipurpose function spaces can accommodate a range of opportunities from weddings and other formal gatherings to corporate training sessions 

-          Aware that there is a lack of appropriately designed training and conference facilities with the level of IT required to meet current and future training standards of such proximate employers as General Dynamics and Pfizer. We are exploring the details of this market and are willing to pursue conversations to accommodate potential end-users   

-          Also exploring a concept that would include improvements to the large existing wooden dock to create additional water dependent uses 

-          Interested in exploring a potential partnership with the adjacent commercial fishermen, which might enhance the overall attraction and appearance of the River Walk and the Fort Trumbull Peninsula as a whole.  

-          Overall intention would be to maintain and enhance view sheds and access to the Thames River and Long Island Sound marine resources consistent with the 2000 Municipal Development Plan (MDP) 

-          The particulars in this proposal are conceptual in nature and will evolve during the due diligence and design development processes 

-          We have the stability, capacity, and expertise to assist with the effort to enhance the Fort Trumbull District and to capitalize on current and future economic opportunities here.  

-          RCDA has successfully advanced several New London projects such as the Downtown Waterfront Park, State Pier Municipal Development Plan, and the Downtown Master Plan, and we look forward to initiating the next step in that process by working together with the RCDA and City teams to design and construct an exceptional Hotel and Conference Center on this beautiful and historic site.